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I never thought I'd do something like this and enjoy it so much. Caroline is hella supportive, and knows just the right things to say to get the creative juices flowing and break us out of our self-imposed road blocks. 
If you get a chance to attend, 100% do it!
Outdoor Event

Hey friend, do any of these sound like you?

You've hit a wall when it comes to valuing your work and gifts, & feel kinda frozen

You're an entrepreneur, artist, musician or simply a creative soul who can't seem to get past the fear of stepping into your light and claiming space for yourself 

You find yourself over-apologizing and trusting the voices of others over your own

You struggle with finding the confidence to express your most authentic self to the world

You've always daydreamed about  singing or writing a song, but it's super edgy so you've avoided it

What if I told you in a span of 3 days,
you'd walk away feeling totally:
from your creative blocks 
in your role on this earth as a creative being
to other magically creative souls from across the globe
to claim your dreams & unapologetically take up space with your voice
with fresh inspiration to live a life of creativity, true to YOU
(not to mention in awe of the handful of ORIGINAL songs YOU wrote in just weekend!)

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When you ignite your inner creative, MAJOR life shifts happen.
Check out what the hullaballoo is with our Uke Camp grads

Image by Teena Lalawat


3 Day Guided Songwriting Course


Daily LIVE lesson of Creative Mindset Coaching,

Ukulele Technique, and Unlocking Your Unique Voice + full access to the recordings


A daily songwriting prompt + chord progression


Option to record and post your songs each day to share with

(and be wildly supported by) the camp community


 The result?
388 wildly creative souls have activated their voices & ignited their creativity, walking away with a new belief of the power inside themselves.

If you've you've gotten this far,

here's what I know about you.

I bet you're an amazing, passionate badass with big dreams of living a life that looks different than the cultural norm. You want so deeply to express yourself... but sometimes it just seems so unattainable in this culture that values living at an acceptable volume, saying what sounds good over speaking our truth.

But once you discover there are songs inside of you (yes, even YOU!) and that you have the power and courage to bring them out, it leads to some seriously deep magical shifts in what you believe you're capable of. 

And that belief in yourself, my dear, is the singular difference between you living the life of your dreams, and never quite getting there.

So listen carefully: 

Creativity is your birthright and self expression is your natural state of being.

You deserve to feel vibrantly creative, expansive, connected, & inspired every day...

and there is more power and magic inside of you than you can even imagine.

Are you ready to unleash it? 


Meet your new 
Creativity Coach,


Hey, beautiful human! I'm Caroline, your camp counselor here to help you navigate the wild ride of being a creative. After a decade of "playing the game" of the music industry and finding it unfulfilling and creatively stifling, I ventured off to forge my own unique path according to my heart.


Once I took that leap, I realized something: when I let go of the cultural conditioning I was living by and began to practice confidently claiming space, showing up unfiltered as my weirdo authentic self, and embracing my cringey parts as GIFTS meant to be valued and shared - my entire life transformed... BIG magic started happening.


I built my business that lets me support hundreds of women all over the world to find their voices, I've been on a Hulu commercial with LL Cool J, I'm working with my dream music partner Moog to license my original music, I got hired to consult on a TV show... these are just SOME of the wild things that have happened since I decided to follow my own inner voice. (Let this expand your own realm of what's possible when you truly believe in yourself!)

Now I'm on a mission to help other creatives who have BIG, wild, vibrant lives to break through your own conditioning and unleash the true power inside of YOU... through the magic of songwriting and singing.

Image by Yuiizaa September


Your ticket to camp includes

  • 3 days of Live Creativity/Ukulele/Songwriting Coaching sessions with Caroline + access to the recording

  • Daily support on the Facebook group from Caroline & fellow campers for all of your creative and musical questions 

  • A new worldwide community of the most wonderful creatives you will ever meet


So, you dear creative soul, are you ready to dive in?


Allllla dis, and Uke Camp is only

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Where do I get a ukulele, & what kind? 
Concert ukuleles, sopranos and tenors all have the same *tuning*, so they will all work great for learning on at Uke Camp.  Here are the tenor ukuleles from Sweetwater Sound I'll be playing on that I recommend for you too:  


Will this still work for me if I have zero musical experience? YES -- absolutely no musical experience needed! Uke Camp is for any creatives, entrepreneurs, artists who are ready to discover the magic and power they're truly capable of. 
It's equally powerful for the seasoned songwriter to break through creative ruts or blocks by trying a new method.

What's the schedule like? The live lessons take place Friday-Sunday from 12-1PM EST. Then you write your song on your own time! Campers generally allot 1-2 hours for songwriting each day.

What if I can't be there for the live lessons? Campers care tuning in all over the globe, and we understand that the live lessons don't always fit into your schedule.... they are posted right away on the Camp HQ Facebook group, so you can watch them at your own convenience and still have just as vibrant an experience!

Where does Uke Camp take place?
The live lessons take place on zoom, and you're encouraged to ask questions and actively participate throughout the coaching! You'll have the recordings, post your songs & watch & support others' on our private Facebook group. 

What about camp merch? 
There is always a specially designed camp shirt with all participants name on the back, just like a music festival lineup! These will be available for purchase after camp. Check out the camp merch store here.

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Have a question? Ask it here!

Thanks for your question! I'll get back to you with an answer ASAP. -Caroline

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